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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we are. My husband and I are also in the gay community!  

Yes we can! My husband and I are able to complete a Spanish and English ceremony.

You will need to visit the local Clerk of Court upon your arrival to Florida. Appointments can be requested via online or walk-in. Walk-ins please be prepared to wait. 

Once the license is secured, there is no waiting period for non-Florida residents. Please inform the clerk of this! 

You can always call up for more info

The license needs to be acquired at minimum, three days prior to the ceremony or at maximum 60 prior to the ceremony. They do expire so make sure you license is valid prior to your wedding date.

We do have pre written vows that you can recite.

It really depends on the type of ceremony you are looking for. An elopement can be booked with a minimum of 48 hours prior and a wedding would be 2 weeks.

Rehearsal need to be booked at least a month in advance.